Executive Coaching

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The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low and we reach it. – Michelangelo

Helpful conversations for when you want to perform better, to progress, or are uncertain about the way forward. 

  • Do you have a new challenge to overcome?
  • Or are you seeking a way to make the most of an opportunity?
  • Or are you uncertain of your next step, or of your future direction?
  • Or perhaps you are a manager and this applies to one, or more, of your team?

Then executive coaching may be the key to helping you, or your team member.

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Team Building

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Team building is way of taking the team to the point where they are knowledgeable and feel confident.

Helping groups of individuals become high performing teams.

Where are your team? Are they lacking the skills or the will to perform well.
Or are they keen to succeed but inexperienced. Is there too much conflict in the team, so they spend their time defending themselves rather than delivering performance.

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Business meetings can often be unproductive, and fail to achieve a worthwhile outcome.

Facilitation: designing and running meetings that successfully deliver their desired outcome.

Business meetings can often be unproductive, and fail to achieve a worthwhile outcome.
Delegates may leave feeling they have not been heard, or listened to; that they have wasted time and money; or that the meeting did not progress or solve the issue or deliver any benefit.

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Speed Reading

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Too much to read: industry news, business reports, study material. Online or on paper.

More efficient and effective reading.

250 words a minute is a typical reading speeds, yet the world champion reads at over 4000. We can’t all be champions, but I can help you to read much faster than you do now. And you will still read every word.

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